Tiles Calculater

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Note :
This may vary on basis of your actual need.
This is only approx calculation.

Tile Lying Instruction

--> Plaster the surface of the fllor to be tiled with smooth finish and complete the plastering and curing at least two weeks prior to tiling.
--> Before fixing tiles, lay them out in desired pattern and make sure that they give acceptable blend of colour. Please not that certain amount of shade variation may occure in the tiles due to extreme firing temerature size variation up to ±0.75% and warpage upto ±0.5% of the dimention are allowed by all international standards of floor tiles. The COMPANY WILL NOT ACCEPT LIABILITY NCE TILES ARE FIXED.
--> Before fixing the tiles on the floor, we stronly recommend to randomly select tiles from different box & lay them in the desire pattern to make sure that the pattern so formed give you and acceptable blemd of color shade & size variation are inherent characteristic in manufacturing of ceramic tiles.
--> Kindly look for the arrow on the back of the tiles and follow the laying pattern as shown bellow diagram.
--> Please note that the company does not problem arising out of non adherence to the above fixing instructions.
Prior To Installation
surface to be paved to be flat, and free from substance: Dust, impermeable products, soluble salts, and all those products which are incompatible with adhesive material. In case of crumbling of the base, it must be removed till getting firm surface.
Spending on the surface using a dentate trowel, whose size will very from 6x6mm. to 9x9mm. depending on the size and manufacturer’s instructions.
Hit the tile with a rubber hammer (from the center to the edges of the tiles). In order to distribute and level the tile.
Tiles must be paved leaving a gap between them which will vary from 1 mm. To 3 mm. Joint for placing them
Joining has to be carried out using a rubber palette knife, which will be used to compress material with backwards and forwards movements. In this way. Joint will be field to over-flowing. Anyhow please follow the manufacturer’s introduction in how to use the product-drying time, removing leftovers, and cleaning.
After Laying
Once the work has been finished. There are leftovers of the employed materials which have to be removed as soon as possible (cement, joints material, ets…). For this, we recommended using a cement remover of any other acid based descaling product.

Packing Details Of Domestic

Size ( In MM ) 600 x 600
Thickness ( In MM ) 9.2 mm (approx)
Weight Per Box (in KG) 29 kg (approx)
SQM Per Box 15.5 sq.ft
QTY Per Box (No of PCS) 4
16 Ton Truck 552 8556
21 Ton Truck 724 11222
25 Ton Truck 862 13361
28 Ton Truck 966 14973